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On The Issues

• Lower Taxes, Smaller Government
The Government does not create wealth. People create wealth by freely pursuing their dreams without being taxed every inch of the way. I voted to successfully lower taxes in all four of the operating budgets I voted on. I was one of only a handful of elected officials that voted AGAINST the 2019 Transportation Budget that raised gas taxes in Ohio.

• Jobs
I understand that government enables small businesses to thrive by lowering their taxes and removing obstacles to their growth. In order for jobs to stay here and for new jobs to relocate here, we must ensure that the cost of doing business in Ohio is lower than comparable costs in neighboring states. 

• Pro-Life
I believe that life begins at conception and I have voted to protect the most vulnerable members of our society from birth until natural death. While in office, I co-sponsored the Heartbeat bill every time it was offered until signed into law in 2019. I had a 100% voting record on pro-life issues and was repeatedly endorsed by right-to-life groups in Ohio.

• Property Taxes
Personal property rights were fundamental to our founding fathers.  Property taxes steal away our right of ownership - leaving us as merely tenants paying rent (taxes).  I will fight to find a different and constitutional way to fund education, fire, police and special services without robbing people of their rights-of-ownership.

• 2nd Amendment
While I am a proud gun owner and enjoy recreational shooting - my stance on the 2nd Amendment can be backed up by my voting record in the 131st-134th General Assembly. I co-sponsored the Constitutional Carry bill in each of my four terms until it was passed in 2021. I carry the distinction of being the legislator that amended the repeal of Duty to Retreat into Senate Bill 175 in December of 2020 (signed into law on Jan 4th 2021).  

I understand the necessity of the 2nd Amendment, and I will always support the individual right to keep and bear arms. The Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment, are restrictions on Government... not the citizens.  I believe the 2nd Amendment has very little to do with hunting and everything to do with protection of self and freedom.

• State’s Rights 
I firmly believe that all powers not expressly granted to the federal government are reserved to the states. Period.

• Quality Education
I believe that quality education is the key to future prosperity.  I believe the responsibility for education falls on parents as well as your local school districts.  I support higher standards in the classroom and requiring parents to participate in the education of their children. 

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