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Rep. Koehler's Arson Bill Passes Unanimously

Representative Koehler passed House Bill 185 in the Ohio House.

HB 185 supports firefighters in Ohio. His bill was supported by the Dayton Fire Department, Ohio Fire Chiefs Association, the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, and the office of the Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney.

“The brave men and women who serve this state as firefighters need our continued support. House Bill 185 strengthens the language in the Ohio Revised Code to allow prosecutors to convict arsonists who are currently using a loophole in the current code to escape prosecution,” Rep Koehler said. “For the safety of our communities and our local service members, it is essential that these arsonists are deterred from their actions. As legislators, it is our duty to protect the safety of these men and women who daily risk their lives.”

The legislation came as a result of Representative Koehler listening to the concerns of Chief Jacob King from New Carlisle. Chief King not only serves as Fire Chief of Bethel Township but also Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Koehler's bill showed unanimous support from both Republicans and Democrats as it passed 11-0 out of committee and 95-0 on the Ohio House Floor. Koehler's bill had 26 Republican and 14 Democrat Co-Sponsors.

It will now head to the Ohio Senate.

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